Instructions and form for taxpayersTax file number declaration Information you provide in this declaration will allow your payer to workouthowmuch tax to withhold from payments made to you.This is
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Hello today we're going to be looking at taxable declarations taxable declarations can be lodged automatically using you keep a software taxable declarations can also be lodged manually but the details filled in and keep I will take care of working out that withholding calculation when you perform your payroll tax file declaration settings you use when we're creating new employees to create a new employee against the employer menu you click add new employee begin filling out the details the last page is the add employee wizard is the tax file declaration keeper has a built in algorithm that validates the tax file number declaration when you enter it if you enter an incorrect tax file number in this field it won't let you save the tax file number at a certain circumstances you may not have a tax file number either the employed in Quetta tax file number the employees applied for a tax file number but doesn't have one yet the under 18 and they're only the current limit that they need to have a tax file number employees claimed an exemption from quoting your tax file number the employee is quoted in valid tax file number let's say in our case employees quoted in Ravello text file number each of these settings will generate a unique tax file number the ato recognizes being linked to one of these situations otherwise filling your tax file number here previous surname is used in cases where the employer may be married or have a previous surname last time they feel their tax file declaration the tax calculation options are preset on probably what is the most common option which is that the employees an Australian resident and they claim the tax-free threshold you can press the pen to edit these details and we have a whole bunch of different details that pop up that you can select at your option the Australian resident for tax poses option is chosen by default generally you're considered to be an Australian resident when you've always lived in Australia or you're an overseas student do any course that goes for more than six months to complete but all you've been in Australia continuously for six months or more and for most of that time you've worked on one job and lives in the same place or you've been in Australia for more than half of the funny two year unless a usual homes overseas and you don't intend to live in Australia if you're not an Australian resident foreign residents tax differently there's a high rate of tax applicable to foreign residents taxable income and foreign residents aren't entitled to the tax-free threshold so you'll see a higher rate of tax coming in on the pay if you option is untipped the next option is ticked automatically is claiming the tax-free threshold tax-free thresholds the amount of income that you can earn in each one each year and it's not taxed claiming the tax-free threshold reduces the amount of taxes withheld from your pay during the year it's available only to people who are astraying residence for tax purposes...